Saturday, September 24, 2016

Personal Digest Saturday: September 17 – September 23

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday I did some sketches to prepare for Drink and Draw and packed my stuff for the evening, and did some minor cleaning around the house. Then that night I went out to the art club event and saw Victor there--first time I've seen him since he got out of the hospital. We all hung out and drew pictures and had fun! I got a webcomic done and the beginning of some fan art.
  • Sunday was pretty lazy. My sister P called and so I talked to her part of the day while doing chores, and then I did some ukulele practice, e-mail, karaoke, and entertainment. I made a new recording of a song I learned on ukulele. I might start doing that regularly.
  • Monday was very full. I had to go back to work and had a busy day, and one of my writer friends that I'd been coaching and supporting got offered agency representation so I was very excited for her. It probably sounds weird but I also decided officially to try to lose a few pounds, so I'm sort of on a lazy diet that involves just trying to eat less food.
  • Tuesday was just focusing on a proposal at my office, and then I hung out with my mom after work. I baked her favorite biscuits and she brought soup. We ate together and hung out, and I helped her a little with her computer.
  • Wednesday I busied myself with proposal stuff some more, met Jeaux for PDQ food and discussion of drama, and listened to Night Vale. He also wanted me to watch the first episode of a show called The Good Place but I did not like it at all. I also drew a picture and did some treadmill reading! Oh, and I received some new toys I bought. They're cartoon figures of course.
  • Thursday I was a little sad because this is the first Thursday in more than two months where we have not had a new cartoon episode. I guess I'm spoiled. I worked on the proposal at work all day and turned it in at the end of the day. And I wrote a storyboard for my comic. And I found out an old friend that I hadn't talked to in a while is actually dead, and I never knew. That was very sad. I called my mom and told her about it because she kinda knew who he was too. Then I talked to Victor that night and got a lot of my comic done. I for some reason decided to draw the comic in markers instead of pencil. Don't really care for the results.
  • Friday was a low-key day at work because I didn't have the proposal to worry about anymore. I did some contract stuff and catch-up work. Then at home I finished my comic and posted it.

New reviews of my book:
Interviews, Features, Mentions:
      Reading progress:
        New singing performances:

        This week's performance was "Opposites Attract" by Paula Abdul.

        New drawings:
        Fan art from Drink and Draw
        featuring Steven and Garnet and zappy hands
        Pencil art featuring my mood at not getting a new Steven Universe episode this week
        No one can cheer Baby Steven up!

        Webcomic Negative One Issue 0593: "Doing It Right."

        New videos:

        My "Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)" ukulele cover

        New photos:

        Eric is a loud man.
        Eric does NOT need that megaphone.
        Dork with a backpack at Drink and Draw.
        My friends and me at Drink and Draw.
        The beginning of what I drew at Drink and Draw.
        I crawled under my desk being excited for my friend's good news.
        Yet another new Garnet tee shirt.
        The debut of my "Let me drive my van into your heart" shirt.

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        Wednesday, September 21, 2016

        Wednesday Factoid: Blood Type

        Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Do you know your blood type?

        Yes! My blood type is O positive.

        Let's make this journal entry interesting with a) an explanation of what O positive means; and b) the tale of how I found out my blood type!

        What does O positive mean?

        O is the blood type. Lots of people know blood has "types," but many people don't know what that means. O is actually more like 0--like zero. It means you do not have either A or B antigens on your red blood cells. People who have Type A blood have A antigens on their red cells. People who have Type B blood, you guessed it, have the B antigens. People with AB have both. And people with O have neither. 

        You get your blood type from your parents--from the combination of your parents, actually. You can't exactly inherit one parent's or the other's so much as you inherit a mixture of them. If both your genetic parents are O, you're O. If they're both AB, you could be A, B, or AB. There are all kinds of combinations. 

        The "positive" or "negative" bit is the Rh factor. Rh is a third antigen you either have or don't.

        If you have A, B, and/or Rh antigens, your blood can only be donated to someone who also has what you have. But if you do NOT have one or more of them, someone who DOES can still receive your blood. That's why O negative people are the "universal donors" and AB positive people are "universal receivers." If you're O negative, you're the most likely to have issues with blood that has something in it you can't process--because if you receive blood with an antigen your natural blood doesn't have on the red cells, you can get curdling that makes your blood not work like blood, and then you'll die and stuff.

        Did you know that in some places, blood types are likened to personality types? It's kinda like the zodiac. My type supposedly has good self-esteem and motivation, tends to be optimistic, and has good intuition, but also might be over-critical, selfish, withdrawn, or too focused on their work. I guess I could see that fitting somewhat. :P

        How did I find out my blood type?

        Funny story! I was taking an anthropology class, and one of the subjects was about groups of humans and how they developed different blood types that originated from different parts of the world. The class was mostly a lecture class, but it had a lab component once a week. One week, the lab experiment was testing our own blood to find out what kind we had!

        You could opt out if you wanted to, but you still had to do the experiment. So if you didn't want to use the provided instrument to stick yourself and get some blood (the same kind of thing diabetic people use to get theirs), you could test some sample blood. But I think everyone in my session wanted to do their own. Everyone was following the instructions fine and getting blood to put on their slides. But I couldn't get any blood to come out when the thing stuck me.

        The pinprick hurt, but nothing came out. And it wasn't a problem that could be caused by not pushing hard enough or being squeamish; when you pressed it, it came out and stuck you, no questions asked. I did this a total of TWELVE TIMES on various fingers. Nothing I did could get any blood out. My TA was kinda baffled, because you could see the thing was going off.

        Finally the TA suggested maybe I just have really low blood pressure and therefore don't bleed easily. While everyone else was testing their blood with antigens that would cause reactions to help you determine what kind of blood you had, I was instructed to run around the classroom multiple times and then stick myself again. And that worked.


        Testing involved taking three drops of your own blood and testing one for a reaction to A antigens, one for a reaction to B antigens, and one for a reaction to Rh antigens. If you dropped A on a sample and it coagulated, that meant you had B antigens in your blood reacting to it. If you dropped B on a sample and it coagulated, it meant you had A antigens in your blood. Same for Rh--if it reacted, you were Rh positive, and if it did not react, you were Rh negative. My only clumping reaction was on the Rh slide, so that implies I have O positive blood.

        This is the work of a college student in an imperfect lab experiment, though. So I would want to get it tested officially if I needed a transfusion or something.

        Monday, September 19, 2016


        Over on my author website, someone in the comments is kicking up some dust over the dangers of non-asexual people being "trapped" into relationships with asexual people.

        Some interesting (read: kinda awful) quotes (bold mine):

        The ace partner doesn’t really understand what it means to expect a comprehensive sexlife and to have a hundredth of that in quantitative terms, a thousandth of that in qualitative terms.

        Within our western society a sex life of 2 or 3 times a week, between 20 and 60 minutes each time, is a given. Again, “unless specified otherwise”.

        [If not discussed otherwise, it is expected that] both members of a couple will carry out a certain amount of work, either inside or outside the home, so that there is a balance. A sentence like “I’m not doing the household chores because we never agreed on that” is not acceptable. Of course if before sharing a flat or a house they “agree otherwise” then it is different. But if they don’t, a sound and reasonable assumption is that they will share the burden. The same holds true for having children within a marriage, for listening to music below 40 dB, for getting dressed before opening the door to the neighbor and for having sex. [Denying your partner this standard of sex without them agreeing is on the same level as] accepting that your partner does not work either inside or outside the house, does not get dressed before opening the door, does not use the toilet when nature calls and so many other conventions that are just part of our daily lives[.]

        Interesting, eh?

        In the ensuing discussion, this person doubles down on quoting norms and expressing a right to expect a certain amount of sex in a relationship. The commenter gives a lot of lip service to the idea that other arrangements can certainly be agreed upon--and they're playing the "I'm not against you, I'm on your side" card--but bringing up consensus over and over again as a defense of sexual expectations is reflective of one of the major attitudes that marginalizes asexual people.

        I can certainly admit and understand that if you were a non-asexual person and you married an asexual person with no idea they were asexual, and then you found out they weren't into sex, that could be hurtful and disappointing. But to spin that as if the non-asexual person is "trapped," you ignore that asexual people (and less sexual people, and people who just happen to have a lower threshold of how much sex they want in general) are often pressured with this same status quo into a "trap" that demands sex they don't want to have. This is consistently used against asexual people in relationships to make them feel like the problem, and the fact that we are 1% while "they" are 99% does not mean partners have a right to forgo negotiations and discussions over sex, imagining themselves simply entitled to their desired level of sexual intimacy. You cannot expect that your partner will be giving you what you want without asking them. Every relationship participant should discuss this if they find it vital, and no relationship participant should enter a relationship believing there's a minimum amount of sex they are owed.

        If something is necessary to your well-being and the well-being of your relationship, you damn well need to talk about it. The entitlement that oozes out of someone who thinks they have a right to expect sex as a matter of course is mind-blowing. Yes, it's pretty typical for all of the members of a relationship to want sex. But even when they do, you still can't treat it like a clause so taken for granted in the contract that you assume it's there and don't read it. It's also not a fine-print gotcha that asexual and less sexual people are sliding in there to get what they want from a relationship without having to compromise at all. And having less sex than "expected" certainly is not a breach of decency along the lines this person is implying. It's amazing that they compared it to refusing to get dressed or use the toilet. [Not to mention that some people are nudists, though obviously there are laws about clothing in many places, and some people with certain disabilities or alternate situations do not/cannot use the toilet.]

        A big part of what I do in my activism is attempting to eradicate expectations of this nature. Your sexual appetites being common does not entitle you to their satisfaction. And though, again, this commenter is saying disclosure by the possibly asexual partner would "excuse" them from this duty if the non-ace partner agreed, they're also saying that their standards automatically apply if no agreement is made. Really, it just happens to be what you want and expect unless someone specifically brings it up and wants something else? Convenient. And ultimately wrong. Sex does not have a default measurement you are allotted or promised. No matter how many studies you quote about what's common, these are designed to be descriptive--they are designed to illustrate what is happening in relationship participants' sex lives. They are not designed to illustrate what should be happening in yours, and they are certainly not designed to make a less sexual or disinterested person feel like they didn't get a memo everybody else got.

        Relationships, and what we do for intimacy inside them, are highly personal. There is no default you are entitled to expect. I don't care if no one in a particular relationship is asexual; every member still deserves to be free of predetermined expectations extracted from a study that wasn't designed to enforce normativity. And since this issue of compulsory sexuality affects my community especially negatively, I've taken up fighting its roots as part of my message. That doesn't work too well if you claim to make exceptions for asexuality (BUT ONLY IF THEY DISCLOSE IT BEFORE THEY "TRAP" YOU!), while still insisting that the "standard" applies everywhere else.

        Saturday, September 17, 2016

        Personal Digest Saturday: September 10 – September 16

        Life news this week: 
        • Saturday I of course did not have work to walk to, so I got my daily steps for the "Step-tember challenge" on the treadmill. But the air conditioning was broken in the fitness room so it was pretty hot. 92ºF hot. And I did it anyway. Kind of a bad idea. The only thing I really did besides that was play my ukulele a lot! And I posted a video of the very first song I've learned on ukulele after one week of teaching myself. I know it's not good, but I just started!
        • Sunday was a semi-productive day. I made a video for my writing channel, played ukulele, did laundry and dishes and karaoke, made a birthday cake for my mom, set up a new computer for my mom's birthday present, went to the store for soda, did some reading while on the treadmill, and did some editing on my book.
        • Monday was busy at work and I had to do a bunch of research and phone calls. I also helped a friend with some agent advice. Then it was pouring when I was trying to leave the office so my office manager drove me home! Then I had my mom over and we ate rice and birthday cake. (I don't think she really liked the cake though.) We did a Skype session with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew so they could watch my mom open her present. I did a silly thing where I had her open the power cord and when she didn't know what it was I was like "Oh it's the power cord to this" and gave her a new laptop. She was surprised!
        • Tuesday it was busy at the office again. I did my grocery shopping after work and got a compliment on my Keep Beach City Weird shirt from the bagging person. Hooray for cartoon nerds! Then at home I did some processing on the video I recorded over the weekend, and did some relaxing.
        • Wednesday I was busy with admin stuff, and met Jeaux for Chipotle after. We didn't really do anything--just lazed around with no agenda. And I let him read my copy of The Answer. After he left I drew a picture for the next day's cartoon.
        • Thursday was a weird day. I had fallen asleep on the floor and got myself up and into the bed for a few more hours of sleep, and then I got awakened early because my office manager called to remind me that we had a lunch celebration for earlier in the day than I'm usually there. I jumped in the shower and walked to the office with plenty of time to spare, and then we ate at Outback. (I had a potato and broccoli!) Then I did a bunch of stuff for our projects and watched Steven Universe at Jeaux's house after work. It wasn't that exciting of an episode ("Onion Gang") but whatever. Then I chatted with Victor on the phone and drew my webcomic.
        • Friday's walk to work was weird because some dude tried to follow me and talked a bunch of nonsense along the way to get my attention. He eventually abandoned the attempt and I got to continue in peace. I had a short work day, went home, finished my comic, and played my ukulele. I also spent some time on the treadmill during the wee hours, 'cause that's fun.

        New reviews of my book:
        • Goodreads says I have one new review this week, but I can't get it to show me anything newer than a review from two weeks ago. Can I just say I hate that you can sort reviews by "newest first" and it will literally still just put them in a random order?
        Interviews, Features, Mentions:
            Reading progress:
              New singing performances:

              This week's performance was "Broken Strings" by James Morrison.

              New drawings:

              Episode doodle for "Onion Gang."

              Webcomic Negative One Issue 0592: "Where It Came From."

              New videos:

              My writing channel has a new video: Writing Characters with Special Skills.

              My "Giant Woman" ukulele cover


              New photos:

              Don't really have any pics this week but here's Mom's cake.

              And the haircut comparison photos:

              Front, February 2014
              Front, September 2016
              Back, February 2014
              Back, September 2016

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              Wednesday, September 14, 2016

              Wednesday Factoid: Writing By Hand

              Today's Wednesday Factoid is: When do you write by hand?

              I write by hand every day, but that's mostly because I have kept a handwritten daily journal for the last sixteen years.

              Besides that, I hand-write phone messages and calendar entries while I'm at work, and sometimes I hand-write letters to friends, but not often. I used to write my novels by hand but I've pretty much phased that out. Sometimes I write a webcomic storyboard by hand if I'm not near a computer but want to write one. (I prefer to write the storyboards on the computer now so I can cut and paste them into my program where I render the talk bubbles, but I used to write every storyboard on the back of scrap paper.)

              And then sometimes I'll just write a caption or comment on a drawing I did, so I guess that counts!

              Tuesday, September 13, 2016

              Remembering why

              I did some work on my Bad Fairy project this weekend and dipping back into it reminded me VERY STRONGLY why I love this story and why I want it out there.

              And the really effusive feedback I'm getting from my test readers is encouraging, so there's that.

              I think there's still some work to do on the beginning of the book. Not just to tune it up, but to rethink my strategy entirely as to how I introduce this character. As many of you know, this was written as a sequel, but now I may be pitching the sequel as a first book (you know, with the option that they could always release the trilogy as I originally imagined), and the book has to be able to survive that. Right now, I think it does feel like a sequel in a way I don't really want it to.

              Yes to making it seem like the character has plenty of history; I like the idea that readers are only seeing a piece of her life and aren't meant to fully process everything she's been through without context. I think the way she acts like she has a lot behind her can be carried forward as clear baggage without sounding too much like I'm a) rehashing what happened in the first book or b) focusing on establishing her past at the expense of her going forward.

              No to extensive flashbacks, spending four chapters on casual exposition, and making the second book about the first instead of letting the events of the first be reflected clearly in the second.

              I have a lot of work to do on it but sometimes when I step back into the story it becomes so clear why I wrote it and how much I expect my audience to enjoy it. 

              I really want to get that part done but it's intimidating sometimes. :(

              Saturday, September 10, 2016

              Personal Digest Saturday: September 3 – September 9

              Life news this week: 
              • Man, this was an active week on my feet! I'm participating in the "Step-tember Challenge" at work, wearing a pedometer and counting steps that we're all entering into a spreadsheet, competing against the other offices. So I'm doing a bunch of walking, including walking to and from work to get more steps. It's been . . . hot. And tiring. But very good for me, I think!
              • Saturday, in search of steps, I walked to the bus stop and rode to the mall. I got a bunch of reading done on the bus and got a number of things accomplished at the mall--including doing an exchange for when I bought the wrong toy, buying some new clothes, and eating a pretzel. Then on my way home I stopped in at Sam Ash Music to buy some violin rosin and ended up seeing a ukulele display that inspired me to buy a ukulele. I've never played ukulele before (except for a single lesson on the blues in a college class), so it was a brand new instrument for me! I got home, bought some pizza to be delivered to my friend who had no food, took a shower, and ate candy I bought at the mall. I finished the book I'd been reading and reviewed it online. Whee!
              • Sunday I did MORE walking!! I walked up the other side of the street and stopped to do some errands. I bought new bike lubrication for my chain, stopped at the craft store to get some art supplies (including a few new Copic markers!), got some new folders at the office supply store, and picked up a few groceries. Also, the art I'd dropped off at the craft store to have framed was ready, and a friend who works there offered to deliver it to me for free since it is big! HOORAY! I got home and showered, then taught myself a few songs on ukulele and drew a picture. Yay!
              • Monday I had Labor Day off from work so I did stuff at home. I tried to play DDR to get steps but the pedometer didn't record them very reliably so I guess that's out. I also did some reading--actually read and reviewed two books (though one was a children's book--The Answer came out and I read it immediately because Steven Universe you guys). Also did some blogging, did laundry, bought clothes online, and joined a place called Imzy. If you want an invitation, let me know. This is my (teeny) profile and I was invited to participate because there are some good asexuality conversations happening there.
              • Tuesday I got to work and found out we won a project we worked really hard on, so we were pretty excited. After work I went grocery shopping. Still walking so I was just walking my bike so I could carry my groceries in the basket. My mom was in my house when I got home so I unpacked and had a sandwich while she ate some cheese. We hung out and chatted about life. She didn't stay that long though. I made a clay statue and baked it in my oven, and then I tried the exercise room at my apartment complex's fitness center for the first time--to use the treadmill. I got my first recording of over 20,000 steps for the day! Beyond that, I played my new ukulele and watched YouTube.
              • Wednesday was super hot. I didn't do a lot at work, and met Jeaux after to eat at Moe's. He offered to walk so I would still be able to get my steps, haha! We hung out, watched a couple episodes of Stranger Things, and after he left I drew a picture for the next day's cartoon.
              • Thursday I did some of the usual tasks at work, then walked to Jeaux's where we finished off watching Stranger Things and got to see that day's Steven Universe episode, "Last One Out of Beach City." It was really cute. Then on my walk home I got some food from Chipotle, which is the first time I've eaten there, and I had a chat with Victor on the phone while drawing my comic.
              • Friday wasn't too eventful. I worked, walked, and posted a comic. And watched some YouTube stuff and played some music. *shrug*

              New reviews of my book:
              • No one cares about my book this week.
              Interviews, Features, Mentions:
                • No one cares about me this week.
                  Reading progress:
                    New singing performances:

                    This week's performance was "More Than Words" by Extreme.

                    New drawings:

                    This week's cartoon: "Last One Out of Beach City."
                    They're going to a concert. Where Pearl will be a nerd
                    and try to talk to a hot chick.
                    Character request from Facebook:
                    I drew Jenny and her grandmother Nanefua.
                    Hey Steven Junior
                    Why did I draw this

                    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0591: "How We Honor."

                    New videos:

                    Not this week!

                    New photos:

                    Replenishing protein from all that walking!
                    Expensive art, expensive framing--it's hung!
                    Make sure you don't forget your Moon Goddess statue when you go on adventures.
                    Here's a better look at her--the goddess statue I made.
                    They MADE me eat cheesecake to help celebrate the win at work!
                    What outrageous treatment!
                    My new ukulele is aqua colored!

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